September 2021

5 Tips to have more Meaningful Conversations

By divasgupta   |   September 27, 2021
"Hey. What's up with you?""Nothing much""Oh! okay""Anyway, what's up with you?""Nothing much"And the conversation dies.  ...
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Is it mandatory to follow your passion?

By divasgupta   |   September 20, 2021
Very often, you might come across some statements that go like this: "He left his 9 to 5 job and started following his passion.""If y...
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Which career should I choose?

By divasgupta   |   September 13, 2021
If we had to choose one question to be declared as 'the question of the century', this question would definitely be a winner! It doesn't...
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How to begin your Public Speaking Journey?

By divasgupta   |   September 6, 2021
 Do you feel motivated after watching phenomenal speakers at Ted Talks?Do you get goose bumps by listening to extraordinary speeches at ...
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