5 Benefits of Public Speaking

When you hear the words “public speaking,” you envision someone standing in front of thousands of people and delivering a speech. You believe that you do not need to master this skill because you do not need to stand in front of a large group of people and deliver a speech. You believe that mastering this skill is pointless.

That, however, is not the case! Speaking in front of a large crowd is not the only example of public speaking. Public speaking skills will help you during office presentations, sales calls, interviews, participating in college debates, forming social connections, and much more!

There are more advantages to public speaking than you might think. The benefits of public speaking include increased confidence, meeting new people, and becoming more marketable. All of these advantages can make a significant and positive difference in your life. 


Let’s look at some more advantages of mastering this skill:

1) Helps to build your confidence 

If you deliver speeches or manage a team with your speech properly in your workplace or at school presentations, you can achieve tremendous success.

Public speaking will help you heighten your confidence and self-esteem. Winning the battle against insecurities and fear that come with public speaking is truly empowering. Furthermore, connecting with a group of people can serve as a solid reminder that you have valuable knowledge and opinions to share with the world.


2) Helps you improve communication skills

The art of speaking in front of a group begins with putting our thoughts on paper. The Public Speaking process encompasses the LSRW (Listening-Speaking-Reading-Writing) framework.

From critically thinking and bringing clarity to our thoughts on paper to confidently delivering the ideas to the audience, one practises written, verbal, and nonverbal communication, all of which make a positive impression on your audience.


3) Helps you to improve deductive reasoning

Another important skill that the speech writing process improves is deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning, like many of the other skills improved by studying public speaking, is useful in everyday life.

Working from a premise and drawing a conclusion based on the information you’ve researched is required for public speaking. Thus helping you to improve your deductive reasoning skill. 


4) Helps you become employable 

Another advantage of public speaking is that it can help you get hired. Employers value communication abilities. Communication abilities include both written and oral communication abilities.

Communication skills, in addition to core hard skills, can help you perform better at work. Because you will not be able to stand out from your peers if you are unable to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas.


5) Helps you form social bonds 

Another advantage of public speaking is the opportunity to meet new people. Public speaking can be an excellent way to network and meet people in your industry or with similar interests.

Furthermore, if you’re the one giving the speech, event attendees are more likely to interact with you than if you’re just attending. And, after the event, they’ll be more likely to recall you as one of the speakers.


So, now we know about the advantages of Public Speaking!


What is stopping you from taking the first?

Go and start honing your skills today!


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas

By divasgupta   |   July 27, 2022

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