Are you suffering from FOPS?

We mean, are you suffering from the Fear of Public Speaking?

Whenever we observe the qualities of successful people around us, more often than not, they all have a similar trait. They all are efficient communicators. Be it that extraordinary debater in your school, the phenomenal MUNer in your college, or the colleague at your office who gives excellent presentations during meetings.

We always look up to the people who have mastered the art of public speaking. And yes, in this current digital world where more and more people are producing content and addressing a community of thousands of people, the demand for efficient communicators has increased a lot.

Today, just having revolutionary ideas is not enough one needs to communicate them as well.


Do you also have great ideas, thoughts, and stories that you want to share with the world?

Then, what’s stopping you?


The fear of a crowd?

The fear of stammering and fidgeting?

The fear of getting nervous in between?

The fear of people making fun of you?


All your dreads are acceptable but, it is something unacceptable that you don’t attempt to start just because you are not good at it.

Impressing the audience, getting the praises of your listeners, giving a sure-shot interview, telling an impressive story to your crowd will not happen on the first day. But all these things will follow suit if you START!

Being a TEDx speaker myself, I was not a born a pro-public speaker. Even I had my fears but, I rose above them. And the results have been life-altering!


Today, I will share some of the techniques I adopted to improve myself.

1) Choose a topic you love- If you want to begin your self-improvement process, choosing a subject you can resonate with can help in building your interest. You can speak about anything under the sun! About your favourite movie, any recent web series that you watched, any book you read, your experience from a recent trip you made, or just talk about your day! All you need to do is talk.


2) Observe yourself- Gone are the days when people would give pieces of advice like, if you want to improve your communication, stand in front of the mirror and speak. We are living in the era of smartphones, and if you also want to get smart, make some smart use of this device. Record your speech and observe your body language while you speak. Public speaking is not just about words and, your body should also reflect your message. P.S. Golden Tip: You can mute your video so that you can analyse your facial expressions, hand gestures, and posture in a better manner.


3) Learn in a group– Meeting like-minded people who have the same goals as yours can really elevate your skills and create a fun environment to grow together. Learning with people who wish to improve upon the same areas can remove the doubt of getting judged. Where can you find such a group? Join my Public Speaking Masterclass, a fun-filled session conducted during weekends that is power-packed with knowledge as well as provides opportunities to practice your skills as well.


Public speaking comes under the umbrella of self-improvement. And one might feel lonely and lost with the storms of rejection and fears coming your away. It is completely fine to take professional help for this journey where you feel more guided and supported.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is START and keep going.



By divasgupta   |   August 30, 2021

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  1. Geetha says:

    This s good for me to improve our communication. Thanks?

  2. Vipul Patel says:

    Thank you Divas for insights of FOPS

  3. Anita patro says:

    I’m already in your gifted group , only need solution anything for the service of poor people of the society , who can’t afford to join but interested , please help them also .
    Om shanti

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