Phrases to Avoid in Professional Email

By divasgupta   |   January 17, 2022
We have earlier discussed the phrases you should avoid at the workplace.Now, we are here again to discuss some phrases you should avoid in your p...
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5 Businesses that started as a Side-hustle

By divasgupta   |   January 11, 2022
Whenever you think of starting on your own, the first question that arises in your head is:Should I leave my job? This my friend is ...
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3 Things I Learned Later in Life

By divasgupta   |   January 2, 2022
Do you know one truth about life?That CHANGE is CONSTANT. When a person transcends one phase of life to another, he sees that thing...
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3 Communication Skills Required for Your Care...

By divasgupta   |   December 24, 2021
When it comes to your career, not just your hard skills but also your soft skills play a crucial role.If you want to advance in your career, you ...
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5 Things to do before 2022

By divasgupta   |   December 16, 2021
2021 is about to end.And yes, this year has taught me a lot! I feel blessed that during the time of difficulties, I and my loved on...
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Finding Peace in Goa

By divasgupta   |   December 2, 2021
Goa.It is not just a place in India.It is not just a proper noun.It's a feeling! Every young Indian boy aspires for only ...
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5 Books On Public Speaking That You Should De...

By divasgupta   |   November 27, 2021
My career journey can be described something like this:A journey from being a stutterer to being a Public Speaking coach.A journey from b...
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5 books which I always recommend

By divasgupta   |   November 17, 2021
We all know how important it is for us to read books!Reading books can help in improving our knowledge about all spheres in life. Be it developing...
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10 Phrases You Should Avoid at Your work

By divasgupta   |   November 10, 2021
Be it any relationship, communication is very important!In the professional world, your communication skills can make or break your career. Profe...
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How to remain authentic during interviews?

By divasgupta   |   November 5, 2021
Did you know that it takes 100–200 job applications to get one job offer?It shows that when you appear for a job interview, the competition is in...
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