5 Self-Help Books To Improve Your Confidence

Everyone blames their lack of confidence when asked why they aren’t successful. We have all, at one point or another, placed the blame for something going wrong in our lives on ourselves and our lack of confidence.

It might have been that awkward date, the disastrous job interview, or even the failed business venture. Whatever the situation, a lack of confidence is frequently to blame.


“I just don’t have enough confidence.” – this is what we say ourselves. 

However, that is untrue. It’s untrue because confidence is something you build, not something you already have.


Reading is the best way to develop self-confidence and the many benefits of reading will surprise you!

Reading has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to develop self-esteem. In reading, we can gain a new outlook on life, as well as, a greater understanding of our surroundings. Reading helps us learn and grow through experience. And although reading won’t make you smarter or better at math, it does provide knowledge that allows us to grow both physically and mentally.

Here are some benefits of reading: 

  • Reading helps to know about the world. 
  • It helps you connect more with people.
  • Reading makes you a better writer.
  • Reading expands your vocabulary.
  • Reading improves your creativity.
  • Reading keeps your mind young and sharp.


Below is a list of books that can help you in building self-confidence! 

1) Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway by Dr. Susan Jeffers.

In this book, Susan Jeffers provides practical guidance for overcoming the paralysis and inaction brought on by fear and insecurity. 


2) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The book provides a handful of potent insights and formulas that can help you gain the confidence you’ll need to start growing more successful, and yes even richer in your life.


3) How to Talk to Anyone 

This book not only explains the nuances of confidence but also provides you with instant, actionable strategies that will help you appear calm and self-assured, even if you’re not there psychologically.


3) The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz 

It deals with how to improve your attitude and perspectives, which in turn will help you to start taking the action necessary to reach your BIG goals.


4) The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris 

By encouraging you to develop a different connection with your confidence rather than trying to push yourself to overcome your confidence limitations, this book provides a novel approach to the problem of confidence.


5) Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins’ second book, Awaken the Giant Within, is a significant undertaking. The book offers advice on how to make improvements in almost every aspect of your life, but its most important lesson is on how to gain the self-assurance necessary to take charge of your situation and bring about change.


Like everything else in life, even confidence can be built over time!

Comment below your favorite self-help book! 


By divasgupta   |   October 18, 2022

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