3 Things I Learned Later in Life

Do you know one truth about life?



When a person transcends one phase of life to another, he sees that things around him change.

Situations change, people change, thoughts change. And that is why it is important to change your thinking after attaining a new level of maturity. 


When I was in my early 20s, my thoughts were influenced by Bollywood films, thinking of our peer group, or opinions of neighbourhood Sharma Ji.

Also, many times, after undergoing certain situations in life, you come out as a transformed person.


Today, I thought of sharing some things that I learned in life. 


1) Bad habits and wealth do not define a person’s character 

Getting influenced by Bollywood movies, I used to believe that rich people are bad human beings. I used to think that people who drink or smoke are also bad. I thought that such people would never be able to do great things in their lives. 

When I think about it today, I realize that I was so wrong when I judged people based on their wealth and choices. I understood that drinking or smoking has nothing to do with a person’s character. 


2) Monetise your hobbies, or they might die!

I was a good writer and I had my blog as well, where I used to pen my thoughts. I used to get freelancing opportunities as well. However, I never pursued my hobbies professionally.

Today, I understand the importance of monetizing my hobby. If I would not have followed my passion professionally, I might have left it midway.


3) Ideas are great but the execution is the greatest

When I was young, I had many ideas, from setting up my cafe to writing a book. But, I never acted upon my plans. I never implemented them in my life. In the end, I was only left with ideas.

Now I realize that having a great idea is not enough; I need to take action to convert them into tangible things. 


“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

― Albert Einstein.


Therefore, always keep learning in life 🙂 


Do share your learnings in the comment section! 



Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta 


By divasgupta   |   January 2, 2022

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