5 TV Shows To Improve English Vocabulary

Could you imagine your favorite entertainment source can help you learn?

Yes! I am talking about learning English by watching series and sitcoms! 


 A 30-minute episode of a television show is brief, interesting, and simple to follow. However, most people watch programs as a guilty pleasure and don’t pay attention to their English. 


The following advice will help you get the most out of this unconventional yet awesome English learning strategy.

1) Select appropriate subjects

Selecting the right TV shows would be preferable to simply viewing the most popular ones if you genuinely want to learn everyday English through television. Learners at the basic and intermediate levels should watch comedies and other shows with lots of ordinary dialogue and situations.


2) Read along with the subtitles 

Reading English subtitles while simultaneously hearing them spoken aloud will help you remember the words much better. Your listening comprehension will get better if you keep trying with every episode. 

However, utilising regular English subtitles can be difficult for studying because you risk taking too long to look up words.


3) Put an end to using the dictionary.

When you first read an English novel, you must have been warned not to constantly look up words in a dictionary because doing so would keep you from reading; the same goes for viewing TV shows.

Check the dictionary after you watch the video.


4) Shadowing

The concept of shadowing is straightforward. Your ears will become more attentive to what you are saying if you listen to certain English sentences and then repeat them simultaneously. Additionally, shadowing will train your mouth muscles to move properly, which will enhance your pronunciation and accent.


5) Watch your favorite TV shows again

You must go through the process of reviewing if you truly want to learn something. Avoid getting frustrated. You will continue to observe improvement. You will see more improvement the more time you put in. Simply choose a series you enjoy. It will help you to recall whatever you might have learned. 


Here are 5 shows you can watch to improve your English vocabulary: 

1) Stranger Things

Children speak a lot slower and clearer than adults, making the series pretty easy to follow.


 2) Downton Abbey

 Despite being set in Yorkshire, all of the characters speak with clipped, posh British accents making it easy to follow the show’s plot.


3) The Big Bang Theory

It’s hilarious, and you don’t even need to understand what is being said because the actions speak for themselves. 

You’ll be able to hear and comprehend common slang in expressions like “What’s up?”


 4) Modern Family

 The cast is a mixture of people from diverse backgrounds and ages. Each character represents a unique way of speaking. 


5) Call the Midwife

The cast speaks clearly and slowly, helping you to understand the story – you’ll also find out a lot about the history of the UK!


Comment below your favorite series! 


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   November 15, 2022

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