Corporate vs. Domestic Pressure: Are women losing the battle?

I lost, I cried.
I failed, I lied.
Even then, I take an undue pride,
In my teeny-weeny lurching stride.

Even now, I raise a lampooning brow,
To all the chauvinist male below.

I fight to lose.
I dare to abuse.
I strive to live,
I live to live.

Do you still think that women are losing the battle? If you are imprudently nodding your head then you are the next one to get browbeaten. Following the footsteps of our government whereby they discriminate between human beings, let us make another delusive attempt to discriminate between man and woman.

I will ensure that you travel extensively while pointing out the differences; right from Narad’s time to the burgeoning New York’s time.

Maa Sita was intimidated by Lord Rama; abandoned in a state of pregnancy when doubts were casted on her chastity. A girl in New Delhi was brutally raped just because she was weak enough to face those male monsters. In the interiors of Rajasthan an infant is killed just after the birth because unfortunately she was a female. I wish she would have known this before landing on our “motherly” Earth.

A woman is expected to be a home-maker and a man to be a bread earner. Really…?
If you are staying in one of the cosmopolitan cities like Bangalore then it’s time for you to change your diapers soaked with dogmatism. A women out here is also a bread earner; she also works at the same profile at which her almost God turned husband works at; considering the monetary side, she even loads her bank account with an equal weight as her husband does supposedly, at the end of each month.

But she is also blessed to wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast for her husband, pack his Tiffin-box, get her kids ready for school and also look after her husband’s parents. In case time permits she manages to catch her office shuttle in time, prepares mentally to perform well at the work place, ignore any lewd comments passed against her and still maintain cordial relationship with everyone around.

And we still call her blessed.

After spending the day at office it’s her duty to come back home as early as possible, prepare dinner, look after the studies of her children, manage the daily house chores and in case if any time is left then possibly get a nap.

Meetings, deadlines, submissions, late working hours are common to both despite being a man or a woman. I guess that’s what we call as “professionalism”. The annual promotion is not based upon gender but upon performance. The awards, recognition and social respect are solely based on talent and sincerity towards work, nothing else. I don’t crib or demand a change in this corporate system. It’s perfectly fair and virtuous.

I only request you to stop having pity on us. Stop being a coward if you cannot be a gentleman. If you really think yourself to be the modern man and need a woman who is connoisseur in the kitchen, a performer at the office, a bold and a confident lady at social gatherings, a responsible mother and a loving wife, then probably even you should try being one.

If you do succeed then you might qualify to be called a man with balls. If not then find a man for the rest of your life who can substitute your dream girl with above qualities rightly intact.

We women, go through this turmoil every day. Yet we maintain a fine balance between corporate and domestic pressure. We have enhanced ourselves to such an extent that we can be the CEO of any MNC and also be a responsible mother and a perfect house maker at the same time. Luckily, God has endowed us to bear enormous pain and suffering while delivering a child. Managing the daily life stress stands nowhere close to it.

For us, life is a battle. We would dare to fight, no matter we lose. In the end the winner is the one who has the guts to step on an alien land, challenge the authority, bleed on the battlefield and emerge as a fierce competitor with an enriching experience. Perhaps, losing and winning is not part of women’s ego (pun intended).

We live life like a roller coaster ride, raring to take any indefinite turns every morning. Doesn’t it sound happening than the clichéd boring life? As I said earlier I shall quote it again in simple words –

We live to “live”.

Peace on us.

By divasgupta   |   July 17, 2021

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