How To Be Confident In an Interview?

You are breathing fast. 

Sweat beads are visible on your forehead.

You are tapping your legs due to nervousness.


We may behave differently at an interview due to stress and anxiety. Our bodies seem to act strangely, and the sound that comes out of our mouths doesn’t seem to be the one we usually make. 

If we don’t sound or feel like our usual selves, we’ll want the entire uncomfortable situation to end.


Here are some advice and exercises to help you ace your interviews and prevent nervousness from getting the better of you:


1) Use the S.T.O.P framework

This framework is extremely helpful to tackle stressful situations. It serves as a reminder that even in the most stressful circumstances, you can conquer your anxieties.

It goes like this:

  • Stop what you’re doing and focus on your thoughts.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Observe what’s going on in your body, emotions, and mind, and why you’re feeling them.
  • Proceed to incorporate what you observed in your actions.


2) Be prepared for the worst

Whatever your greatest fear may be, there is always a solution.


Are you worried that you might forget the answers?

Prepare the FAQs a lot and maintain a cheat sheet with crucial points written in bullet form. 


Concerned that your response to a challenging question won’t be adequate? 

Be proactive and become adept at hiding your tracks when you don’t have the solution. 


By planning, you can be sure that you’ll be more than prepared to tackle whatever comes your way.


3) Stop shaking your voice

Try to say any nursery rhyme/poem or song aloud by stretching your tongue out as far as it will go to open your throat.

You’ll sound more assured and authoritative as a result of opening out your throat. Naturally, you have to do this ahead of the interview rather than in front of the panel.


4) Observe your posture

To avoid fidgeting and moving around throughout the interview and to convey confidence and dynamism, it is important to sit comfortably but attentively. 

Try to strike a balance between the two; sit up straight and engaged without looking restless. Slouching is not an option, and neither is leaning forward on the edge of your seat.


5) Talk to yourself positively

Speaking to oneself is not crazy; it is sensible!

 You are smart, you are qualified for this work, and you are going to succeed. These are all things you need to tell yourself. Say it out loud and with assurance so that it sticks. Just make sure you do it in a peaceful area.


6) Do not forget that they are on your side.

Your interviewers will understand that you’re anxious and will give you some leeway. A job applicant may lose out on a position just because they were anxious. However, candidates who look uninterested and were too laid back, fail more often. 


Remember: Your attitude determines your success. So, give your 100% and you will emerge victorious! 


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   January 3, 2023

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