STOP using these 7 phrases at the Workplace!

Words in the workplace can enhance or detract from both performance and perception. What you do at work counts, but so does what you say. 

This might range from a presenter who uses the word “um” or “uh” a lot to getting or delivering feedback in a way that could be more effective.


Here are 7 phrases to remove from your lexicon immediately, along with alternatives!


1) “Let me know”


This phrase doesn’t translate into action.

If you want results, take some initiative.



Instead of, “Let me know when you’re free to meet.”

Ask, “I’m available to meet on Wednesday at 10:30 am or 3:00 p.m. Which time works for you?”


2) “You Look Tired”


Someone who “looks tired” already knows—you don’t need to point it out. 

If you notice someone seems tired and you’re genuinely concerned for them, try one of these phrases:


“Hey, how are you doing today?”

“You’ve been putting in a lot of time on this project. Is there anything I can help you with?”


 3) “I think” / “I feel”

These phrases undermine your credibility. 

It communicates a lack of confidence in your ideas and abilities. 



“I can get my completed article to you by 7:00 p.m.”

“This is the best idea for the new campaign.”


4) “I’ll try” 


This leaves a doubt about whether you will complete a task or not! 

Therefore, instead of saying: 

“I will try to finish the report.”



“I won’t be able to write the report today, but I can have it to you by noon tomorrow.”


5) I hear you, but…” 


Anything you say after “but” automatically negates this attempt at validation. 



“I hear you, and…”

This simple swap will ensure that whatever you say next does not dilute or contradict your acknowledgment of the speaker’s experience.


6) “Dear / Honey / Darling” Etc. 


Terms of endearment in the workplace come off as pat and condescending.


Instead Say: Words that build each other up. 

Resist the urge to use anything other than pre-approved nicknames, regardless of status.


7) “We’ll circle back to this.”


This phrase epitomizes procrastination. People will stop talking to you if they consistently think that you are delaying what they have to say to you. 



“Please send me an email with more detail. When are you free to talk about this?”


 I hope you will become more conscious about using these phrases in the workplace. 


Till then,

Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.


– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   January 17, 2023

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