What Are the Traits That Make You A Great Public Speaker?

Great public speakers are a blessing to society and the corporate world!

Are you scared of speaking publicly? Well, if you wish to create an impact on people and want them to remember you for a long time, you ought to have excellent public speaking skills.

Many learn the traits of good public speaking; however, not all know the ones that make them great speakers! Let us enlist for you a few of the major traits that can make you an excellent speaker –

Confidence, Confidence, and Confidence

The one must-have trait of a public speaker is confidence. Your content may not always be on point. However, your confidence should! It is your confidence that majorly attracts the attention of your audience. Some amount of anxiety may be unavoidable, therefore you should come up with ways to handle it. The easiest way to achieve it is by practice; if you spend time honing your speech and are familiar with the subject matter, it will be simpler to arrive with confidence.


Be Precise

Do you think the audience will be able to connect with you if you speak irrelevantly for too long? To be a good speaker, you must know when to stop. Effective communicators are adept at making their points quickly. They are skilled at communicating clearly and keeping their listeners in the loop. Also, to communicate with their audience, effective public speakers use straightforward language rather than complex terminologies. Therefore, being concise is one of the traits you must have if you wish to escalate from a good to a great speaker.


Connecting With Your Audience

Understanding your audience is just as important to effective public speaking as your presentational abilities. Skilled public speakers do their audience research and adjust their material and delivery style accordingly. Think about the people you’re speaking to and the way they process and respond to information, whether you’re addressing a large audience or a select group of leaders in your company. If there is a larger group, be aware of the atmosphere in the space and modify your manner accordingly.


Good Personality

The way you carry and conduct yourself leaves behind a great impression. It can either make or break the entire impression about a person. One of the traits that the audience looks for in a great speaker is the way they conduct themselves. Your personality only needs to be honest, definite, and reachable. Listeners yearn for closeness with speakers.


Upscale Your Creative Skills

A boring speech can never attract a large audience. One of the most crucial traits that set you apart as a great speaker is the ability to be creative with alluring presentations and speeches. You must have the creative faculty to say plain things in interesting ways, whether that is with your quirky verbal skills or great presentational skills.

These are a few of the most inevitable traits that can make you a great speaker!

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Till then,

Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.


– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   January 31, 2023

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