5 Businesses that started as a Side-hustle

Whenever you think of starting on your own, the first question that arises in your head is:

Should I leave my job? 


This my friend is really a tough question to answer!

And if you are someone who lacks financial stability in life, then quitting your job might not be the best option. So, does this mean that you would leave your passion project? And bid goodbye to your dreams? 


The answer is an absolute NO! 

If you are really keen on starting your own venture, you should start it as a side-hustle. Squeeze one-two hours each day and start working on your project. I am sure after working consistently, you will be able to make good progress. Then, once you feel comfortable, you can even leave your job! 


And if you are someone who feels that this cannot be done, I have listed below some multi-million companies that started as a side hustle!

Get ready to get inspired! 


1) Instagram

Yes, you heard it right! 

Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom was working as a product manager at Nextstop.com. After his day job, he used to learn coding at night and during weekends. He built a mobile check-in app called Burbn. 

Then, Systrom quit his day job and, with his co-founder, Mike Krieger, launched Instagram in 2010. 


What can we learn from it?

Even if you have a job, never stop up-skilling! 


2) Twitter 

Twitter started as a small side project formed by podcasting platform Odeo during a company hackathon.

The idea was of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group. Similar to the five-character length of American SMS short-codes. 


What can we learn from it?

Identify loopholes around you and try to come up with new ideas.


3) Khan Academy 

While teaching his cousins, Sal Khan got feedback that they preferred seeing him online rather than meeting him in person. This comment struck him and he began creating 10-minute YouTube videos on various subjects.


What can we learn from it?

Be open to constructive feedback. Who knows, it can change your life for good!


4) HubSpot 

Dharmesh Shah started Hubspot to validate side hustle and inbound marketing.

HubSpot founder started a little blog while he was looking for other opportunities. But his side project struck a chord and started blowing up. 


In his own words, “a tiny blog with no budget generated more traffic than companies with professional marketing teams.”


What can we learn from it?

Don’t worry whether your idea will work or not, instead START! You will only know after doing it. 


5) Slack 

Founder Stewart Butterfield wanted to build a game. But when it was clear his game would never see the light of day, he decided to examine the communication tool his team had built internally.


What can we learn from it?

The best way to build something new is to create something that you would use. 


Sometimes, you don’t need to leave your job to follow your passion. All you need to leave behind self-doubts, apprehensions, and narrow thinking 🙂 



Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta 


By divasgupta   |   January 11, 2022

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