5 Great Indian Speeches That You Can’t Miss

What is the best way to learn Public Speaking than learning from the best orators of India! These orators have evoked emotions in their audience, stirred the audience to take action, and changed the course of history! 

I absolutely love listening to these speeches and learning techniques from them. You should also listen to the speeches and pay attention to the voice modulation, hand gestures, pregnant pauses, and body posture of the speakers while giving the speeches. 

I am sure you will learn a lot from them! 


1) Address at the World Parliament of Religions – Swami Vivekananda

Vivekananda gave this speech at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

In this historical speech, he introduced Hinduism to North America. His first greeting, “Sisters and Brothers of America,” struck a chord with the audience and made everyone stand on their feet. This speech not only introduced Hinduism to North America but also tried to explain the reasons for religious disagreements.

He also stated that religion was not a necessity for Indians and that he sought aid for the land’s impoverished people. His speech had a deep effect on the American people.


What to learn? 

Listen to this speech to learn to grab the attention of your audience. 


2) “Give me blood and I promise you freedom!” – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Netaji said these words in Burma in July 1944. These words became the hymn for the youth during India’s fight for independence. 

In 1941, he escaped from house arrest in Calcutta and fled to Singapore, and established the Azad Hind force. This army fought the British, but the campaign was unsuccessful. Bose, on the other hand, refused to give up hope. He was convinced that the British were rapidly losing ground and that India would soon be free. He delivered his most famous speech, which inspired the youth and became their anthem during India’s independence struggle.


What to learn?

Listen to this speech if you want to inspire your audience with your words.



3) Quit India speech – Mahatma Gandhi

On the eve of the Quit India movement, Mahatma Gandhi delivered these words to the A.I.C.C. at the Gowalia Tank Maidan in Bombay on August 8, 1942. His mantra ‘Do or Die’ still rings in our heads!


What to learn? 

Listen to this speech to learn how you can move your audience to action. 


4) Narayan Murthy speech 

Narayan Murthy delivered this speech on The Role of Western Values in Contemporary Indian Society. He compares Indian and Western cultures and tells how the former lacks in the civic sense.

An excerpt from his speech:

“Most of our behaviour comes from greed, lack of self-confidence, lack of confidence in the nation, and lack of respect for the society”


What to learn? 

You may see how he has used wit and allusions in his speech here.


5) Sachin Tendulkar Farewell speech 

Millions heard the farewell speech of the ‘master blaster’ in 2013 after India sealed the series against West Indies. His beautiful description of his journey left many eyes teary. Sachin was surely able to play best with his bat of words! 


What to learn?

Listen to this speech to learn how to arouse emotions in your audience. 



Comment below if you have heard any of these speeches! 

Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

-Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   May 20, 2022

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