5 Truths about Life during the 20’s


As I am in my 30’s now, I believe I can write such posts 🙂

When you finish one part of your life, you tend to sit down and retrospect. Think about the days that have gone. And, when you see people around you who are in the phase of life which you have already lived, you tend to become even more retrospective. 


So, without any further ado, I will be sharing 5 truths about life in the 20s:


1) Life in the 20s can be the most unpredictable phase of your life. I believe the 20s can be termed as the ‘mix of both worlds’ period.

Because during this decade of our life, we transition from being a college student to a working professional. We transition from being financially dependent to earning the first salary. During this phase of life, we even observe our parents growing old. The 20s is the phase of life when you want to have lots of fun and discover new things, but you also need to become more responsible. 


The best advice I can give to people in their 20s is that:

‘It’s a mix of both WORLDS!”

So, work hard, hustle, but never stop having fun while you do it! 



2) The 20s become a challenging period for most of us because we can’t figure out which direction to go, what decisions to make, which path to choose.

Should I leave my job and pursue my Masters?

Should I look for a job and not pursue a Master’s?

Should I get married and think of starting a family of my own?

Should I explore the world around me?

Should I work hard towards fulfilling my dreams?

Should I take life lightly?


Therefore, during your 20’s, it is important to listen to that inner voice, believe in the power of intuition and gut feelings! Not every decision you make does not have to be based on rationality! 



3) This is the phase of life where you will witness a lot of changes. The friends around you who were on similar paths might change their ways.

During the 20s, we see people around us pursuing different things; some are getting married, some are pursuing higher studies, some are starting their own company, etc. And we tend to get influenced by people around us. And thanks to social media, we get influenced by the people on the internet as well! 

Always remember that it is futile; let me repeat, it is futile to compare your life with others! You are wasting your time comparing your life with others. All you need to do is focus on your journey and not on the journey of other people. Because we all know that concepts like success, happiness, sadness are all subjective! 



4) In your 20s, you will read many posts like “Mistakes that I made in my 20s that you shouldn’t make.” And whenever I come across such posts, I ask why?

Because how will you learn if you don’t make mistakes?

I believe you should make a lot of mistakes and make them fast.

Because you will be able to figure out things sooner!


If there is anything that you must do is create and follow good habits!

Everything else will fall in place.



5) During your 20’s, even your thought process will change.

When you were a teenager, your thoughts might be guided by your parents, friends, teachers, and the small set of people around you. But, when you grow up, you start forming your thoughts and perspectives. 

And that I believe it is a valuable treasure. In this world full of ‘what other people will think’ instead, think for yourself! Form your opinions, perspectives, and thoughts. Because if you don’t develop your thoughts people will push theirs on your head 🙂



I read a beautiful quote on life during 20’s:


I like getting older. When you’re in your twenties you’re really forging for your future. Things take shape later on.

Crispin Glover


Lastly, remember, you have just STARTED.


– Divas Gupta 


By divasgupta   |   October 4, 2021

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  1. Dinesh Gondane says:

    It’s nice article.

  2. Ranjeet Negi says:

    Pretty good article – thanks Divas.

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