Finding Peace in Goa


It is not just a place in India.

It is not just a proper noun.

It’s a feeling!


Every young Indian boy aspires for only two things in life, a degree from IIT and an all-boys trip to Goa. But, unfortunately, and fortunately, I couldn’t get any of these. 

Anyway, I could still fulfil my boyhood dreams of visiting Goa. So, on our anniversary, my wife and I decided to visit Goa. 

And being born in Dehradun, surrounded by hills, I really crave the waters. I love walking on the shore of a beach, watching the sunrise, and immersing my feet in warm wet sand. 

So, when we both were having a good time in North Goa, we decided to visit South Goa.

Because we heard from someone that South Goa was a calm and quiet place. Away from the relatively young crowd of North Goa.

And who doesn’t like peace?


Though it was a journey of almost two-three hours. But, the ‘peace’ of South Goa somehow seduced us. 

So, we rented a good old Activa scooter and started our journey towards peace. Or, that’s what you want to call it 🙂 


When we started our journey, we were pretty motivated. But the glazing sun that burned our skins really bent our spirits. And yes, no matter how fast we were trying to drive our scooter, the speedometer was stuck to 45 Km/ hour speed. I could not understand why that was happening. 


Why was everything so slow? 


Then, I realized that just like everything else, even this scooter was under the spell of this place called Goa. The scooter was also relaxing just like all the city people who come to Goa for relaxation. 

So, after stir-frying ourselves for almost three hours, we reached “close” to our destination. Yes. You heard it right; we were still away from the South Goa beach. 

We had reached a spot where we had to leave our scooter behind and start walking. Yes! We were supposed to walk! But, we still motivated ourselves. Because we were looking for calm and peace, right? Also, if you are a fellow traveler in India, you know that there is no scarcity of motivation. Whenever we asked a local about how far is the beach?

They would reply, “Not too far, keep walking, you are about to reach.”

Their “not too far” could mean 500m or 5kms. Who knows?


So, after walking for about 15-20 minutes, we reached South Goa beach. Was it worth the trouble that we took? No. 


Was it worth the hours that we invested? No. 

Was it worth burning ourselves in the heat? No. 


But this is how life is, right?


You will know the outcome only when you have traveled a path. 

You will not always be successful in everything you do. 


But, you will always have a story to share.

Just like I shared mine 🙂 


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta 


By divasgupta   |   December 2, 2021

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  1. Vipul Patel says:

    Great place .I also visited Goa with wife and my 3.5 year kid .we enjoy a lot and relax and like that much that much my kid was asking can you not get transfer to Goa and we live here only

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