How to Become a Better Version of Yourself?

The concept of one’s “best self” is random. 


It’s possible that people near you don’t share your perception of your ideal self. Because of this, resist the need to compare yourself to other people. Instead, keep in mind what being your best self means to you personally.

Furthermore, your “best self” doesn’t have to remain constant throughout time. Do not be scared to be adaptable because, with time, your idea of who you are at your finest will alter in all facets of your life.


Being your best self typically involves taking charge of your life. You have greater power to make decisions that will increase your happiness when you are in charge. 

There was a time even I was not the best version of myself. I was always surrounded by self-doubts, self-rejections, and self-limiting thoughts. 


However, doing these things helped me in achieving my true potential:


1) Focus on QUALITY, not QUANTITY

Don’t spend your time chasing multiple goals, wearing multiple hats, and fulfilling multiple duties. 

Planned and concerted efforts in one direction are how to achieve great things. 

Directing your energy into multiple projects will mean it is divided.


2) Don’t delay

Thinking about running that marathon?

Register today.


Eager to start a business?

Start with the basics.


The first step to doing anything worthwhile is beginning.

Don’t overthink.

Just START! 


 3) Take assistance from others

You might feel hesitant to ask for help from others. 

Try to stop this by accepting help rather than rejecting it.

You don’t have to go on the search for your best self by yourself.


4) Celebrate small wins 

The little things matter. 

Celebrating even small wins will give you the motivation to keep going until you reach your final goal. 

If you’re focusing on one big goal, try splitting it into steps so that you’re seeing progress. 


5) Ask better questions

Better questions lead to better answers and result in a better you.


Instead of,

“Why can’t I do this?”,


“What would it feel like if I could do this.”  

One focuses on the problem and one goes to the solution.


6) Discard self-limiting beliefs 

Most of us are constrained by limiting ideas, which are false notions about our fundamental nature. 

You can advance and discover who you truly are by learning to identify and let go of any limiting beliefs that are preventing you from becoming the finest version of yourself.


7) Be sincere

Even if only you are aware of your lies, you still have to live with them. If you were honest from the beginning, your life would be simpler. 

Set sincere objectives. Don’t be irrational. 

Don’t make yourself vulnerable to disappointment and failure.


Comment below any other point that has made you become a better version of yourself. 


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   January 10, 2023

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