How to make your Speech Interesting?

While giving a speech, your focus should not be limited to delivering the message; but also engaging the audience. If you are unable to grab the attention of your audience;  you will fail at accomplishing the objective of the speech. 

Your speech should be such that it should convert the people from only hearing the speech to listening to the speech as well. A speech should be such that people remember it even after you have stopped speaking. Your words should be memorable and create an impact on the listeners. 


Now, you may be wondering how you can do that?

Don’t worry! I will be sharing some actionable steps through which you will be able to make your speech more interesting. 


1) Break your speech into short parts 

In the same way, your entire college/school syllabus is categorised into different subjects, similarly, you should break your speech into different segments. Doing this will ensure that you have a focused audience. It also makes it easier for the audience to absorb the crucial takeaways from your speech. 

Your speech should be arranged like a musical song, where each part has its tune, tone, and attitude.


2) Practice your speech like a performance

Suppose you need to deliver a speech at a corporate event. So, what will you do? You will research the topic, write down important points, and write the speech. So, is the task done? Not at all!

You need to prepare your speech as well. After writing the speech, you need to practice it like a performance. Practice the speech as you are preparing for a dance or a singing competition. 


3) Talk in the language of your audience 

When you give a speech, try to understand your audience. Try to understand what the level of your audience’s understanding is. Suppose you have to address a group of freshers and then a group of senior executives. Your words, manner, and delivery will be different in both cases. 

So, if you want your audience to connect with your speech, you need to understand your audience. 


4) Share personal stories

Some people are hesitant to tell strangers about their personal lives and experiences. A well-crafted narrative, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful promoters for a memorable speech. Sift through your recollections for meaningful, heartwarming, or humorous situations that relate to the point you’re trying to make. Personal stories allow the listener to identify with you and put themselves in your shoes. People are far more likely to remember your tiny personal tale and link it to the purpose of your speech than the other way around.


5) It is important to maintain a good posture.

Never slouch in front of your audience.  It appears weak, and your audience might perceive it as a lack of self-confidence. It will inevitably dilute your message. Keep your shoulders back and stand up straight. . Make sure you’re dressed in a way that hides any uneasiness. 

Always ooze confidence! 


6) Your ending matters

End your speech with a quote, a pop culture reference, or maybe some joke! A speech that lacks finality and conclusiveness will be perceived as sloppy and not worth remembering. An effective speech conclusion helps assure long-term memorability and audience response to your message.


And the last tip? 

Leave some room for improvisation!

Don’t restrict yourself to the prepared script only. Try to gauge the expectations of the audience and make spontaneous changes. Enjoy the process and experiment as and when required! 


I always end my speech with a catchphrase!

Stay Awesome. Stay Productive. 🙂 


– Divas Gupta


By divasgupta   |   April 8, 2022

3 responses to “How to make your Speech Interesting?”

  1. Jaswant prajapati says:

    Yes! Thank you so much sir. I will try it. It is so impressible.

  2. Highly useful piece of tips.

  3. I would like to elicit a few points like: understand the audience first, grab their attention, use own stories/ narratives, follows an empathetic approach, full of content and should rehearsal / practce whenever get times.

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