How To Prepare For an Interview

Preparing for a job interview is like riding a roller coaster ride. At some points, you will feel high that you have made it. On other points, you will feel like you have not prepared enough. You might have gone through the job description many times, prepared the FAQs, and checked your outfit and bag. Still, you might feel that you are not prepared. 

Having a feeling like this is pretty normal. After all, interviews do decide your future career. A good interview can lead to a good job, money, and career growth. However, if you remain too nervous before an interview, there are chances you might jinx the chances of converting it. 


Therefore it is crucial to maintain your cool before an interview.

And how can you do that? Keep reading! 


1) Prepare for the interview!

The first thing you should do is PREPARE for the interview with dedication. One of the main reasons we get nervous before interviews is a fear of the unknown, and while we never know what questions will be asked, preparing for the most common ones will help to reduce nervousness.

So how can you prepare for the interview?  

  •  By researching the company
  •  Practicing responses to common interview questions
  • Conducting a mock interview with a friend
  • Have your resume and notes ready.

Having an idea of what to expect will make you feel calmer and more comfortable.


2) Use the STOP technique

The STOP method is a mental technique for dealing with stressful situations. This technique’s steps are as follows:


  1. Stop what you’re doing and pay attention to your thoughts.
  2. Take several deep breaths.
  3. Observe what’s going on in your body, emotions, and mind, as well as why you’re feeling that way.
  4. Proceed with the intention of incorporating what you observed into your actions.


3) Do this breathing exercise 

Breathing exercises can instantly make you feel calmer and more prepared for the interview. 


To begin, exhale completely.

Block your right nostril with your thumb and inhale only through your left nostril.

Inhale into your stomach rather than your chest.

When you’re out of breath, close your left nostril with your middle finger, release your thumb, and exhale only through your right nostril.


4) Prepare for the worst

 Whatever your greatest fear is, there is always an answer.

 By planning ahead of time, you can truly relax, knowing that even if the worst happens, you’ll be more than prepared to handle it.


5) Schedule your day around the interview

Your day will be more productive if you stick to your plans and stick to your schedule. If possible, schedule your job interview in the morning so you are not stressed and waiting all day.

Make sure you get enough sleep the night before to be alert. Make a plan to do something fun or exciting after the interview so you have something to look forward to.


6) The most important tip 

Don’t “force” yourself to calm down. 

Forcing yourself to calm down will just increase your stress 🙂


An interview is not an interrogation. It is a CONVERSATION. 

Remember this and you will not feel nervous 🙂


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.

– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   June 20, 2022

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  1. Nitin Gothankar says:

    If in a job interview how I can present my self properly getting stronger in my strength area & limiting my weakness.How I can present my achievement.If I do not know answer of any question how I can reply to interviewer in calm manner without any embarassment