How to Stop Multitasking and become more Productive?

Do you also attend online meetings while scrolling on Instagram?

Do you also listen to podcasts while checking emails?

Do you also do office work while watching a web series?


Then, my friend, you are multitasking!


And, I will share 3 reasons why you shouldn’t multitask! 


Reason #1 

Multitasking makes you less productive! 


Shifting between tasks can cost you up to 40 percent of productive time. You may feel like you are getting more done, but you probably are not! 



Reason #2

Multitasking makes you less effective


Even if you are getting things done while multitasking, chances are you are not getting them done as well as you could be. This way, you don’t do justice to the work.



Reason #3 

Multitasking can slow down your brain.


If your brain is trying to manage several tasks at once, it may affect the way you work even when you’re attempting to complete a single task.



So, how should you avoid multitasking?


1) Don’t start your day with your phone– Avoid starting your morning by looking at your phone. It can be a major drain on your productivity. Checking your phone as soon as you wake up will put you into a reactive state of mind. Wait at least an hour before checking your phone.


2) Prioritise your to-do list-Create a list of tasks that you need to finish and list them in the priority that they need to be done. If you do this, each of your tasks will get your full focus, and you’ll make sure that the most important ones are completed. 


3) Say no to distractions- Do your best to eliminate distractions throughout the day. Turn off your email, text messages, and social media notifications while you are completing tasks. You can also set a specific time each day to check email, social media, and text messages. 


4) Utilise your uptime- You should schedule work that is challenging and requires a lot of focus for the time of day when your attention and drive are at their peak. This means setting important tasks for your uptime. For example, if you feel more focused during the morning, handle crucial projects first thing after you get to work. If you attempt to complete these tasks when you are physically or mentally exhausted, your mind will be more likely to wander.


5) Organise your work desk- Organise your desk so that you can tackle one thing at a time. A clean desk can instantly make you feel that you have more control over things around you. So, make sure you always work at a decluttered desk. 


6) Say “NO” when required- Most problems happen when we say “yes” instantly. We then have to spend a huge amount of energy thinking of ways to get ourselves out of the promises we made.You can say “let me think about it” or “can I let you know later” which gives you time to consider the task at hand and allows you to get back to what you were doing quicker.


According to you, is multitasking good or bad?

Comment Below! 


Stay Awesome. Stay Productive. 

– Divas Gupta 


By divasgupta   |   February 23, 2022

7 responses to “How to Stop Multitasking and become more Productive?”

  1. Shekar Golla says:

    Gm Divas,you are correct ,we shouldn’t do whenever we engage with something,always it leads less productive.

  2. Nakul Dev Jaswal says:

    Thank you DG , I’m a multitasker and sometimes i feel that even though i finished the work, it feels like the work is incomplete and my energy is low even after doing heavy work. I’ll start doing 1 work at a time.

  3. Amit Singh says:

    Multi-tasking is really bad and I following the same approach of mult task.

    Great to know from above points how to overcome from multi tasking.

    Thanks for this wonderful article

  4. Sundar D says:

    Multi tasking is more of task switching which is not possible by our human Brian to control within a short span of time. It’s bad for our focus and productivity.

  5. Sulagna Roy says:

    I’m a multitasker. Yes you are true, it seems we are managing so many things at a time. However, it eventually takes more time what I feel. One thing, was not very clear about, how does the point 1 impact on multitasking

  6. Gomathi Senthil says:

    Yes, I agree that multi-tasking brings chaos. What is focus? It is one at a time. So doing one work at a time is the right way of doing.The term meditation also defines the same.