7 Methods to Pep up your Office Presentations

Generally, when we hear the words ‘office presentation,’ we imagine a man or a woman decked up in a crisp suit, standing in front of a projector, in a meeting room with people dozing off!


But, are meetings supposed to be boring?

No, right! 


I am sure you must have watched a TED talk. Are they boring?


Because a TED talk is not only about delivering the message, it is also about gripping the audience throughout. 


Similarly, when it comes to office presentations, they are also supposed to grab the attention of the participants.


I will be sharing 7 methods through which you will not only achieve the agenda of the meeting but also leave an impact on your audience. 


1) Tone, voice modulation, and body language.

Don’t give your presentation in a dull, soft, and low monotone. Doing this will bore the audience and make them snore! 

To create an impact on the audience, you need effective voice modulation and hand gestures. Play around with the speed, pitch, and tone of your voice to grab your audience’s attention. 


2) Focus on your audience 

Don’t only focus on what you want to communicate. Instead, your presentation should focus on what your audience wants. 

Let me give you an example, suppose you are in the meeting room with some potential clients. The clients are interested to know more about a particular product of your company. But, while giving the presentation, if you keep talking about other products or other services, you might lose the client! 


3) Minimise using filler words 

Try not to use filler words during your presentation like umm, eh, basically, just, etc. While giving a presentation, we might want to recall some points. That is why we tend to use filler words to steal some time for thinking. But, using a lot of filler words can distract your audience. It might show that you are not confident about your ideas.

So, instead of using filler words, whenever you want to recall the points, take a tiny pause.  


4) Arrive early 

Don’t get late for your presentation as it might create extra pressure on you. 

Instead, always arrive 30 minutes early before any presentation.

During online presentations, get yourself ready with all the essentials at least 30 minutes early. It will ensure that you are mentally prepared for the presentation before the actual presentation. 


5) Avoid a thank-you slide

I have seen numerous presentations that end with a “thank-you”

slide, and I believe it looks immature and unnecessary. Adding such a slide does not add to the value of the presentation in any manner. 

Instead, add a summary slide which states all the vital pointers. It will help the audience to recollect all the significant points that were shared throughout the meeting. 


6) Incorporate storytelling 

Stories have been an effective device for persuasion. 

Through stories, you can communicate anything! Be it significant statistics, facts, or data. From our childhood, we all have been hearing and believing stories. So, whether you want to convince your boss, your co-worker, or your client, tell stories! 


7) The most important tip

Stay cool, breathe and enjoy the process! If you don’t enjoy the process, you will never be able to win the trust of your audience! 


After all, a presentation is not only about communicating an idea it also involves engaging the audience. 


I hope these tips will help you!

Do share your thoughts in the comments section.


Till then,

Stay Awesome. Stay Productive.


– Divas Gupta

By divasgupta   |   October 19, 2021

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    Indeed all points covered in short way
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